"The beauty of premium Western Red Cedar, carefully selected and milled to exacting standards ... Protecting your home for generations to come.

Nature made it. We've just improved upon it. Watkins Cedar. Quality naturally."

  Certi-Cut™ Fancy-Butt Red Cedar Shingles

Fancy-Butt Red Cedar Shingles are a specialty product used to provide a variety of designs that add charm and an immediate visual impact to exterior and interior wall surfaces and roofs.

Number 1 Grade, Blue Label

Description - These shingles are 5" wide and are manufactured from 16" and 18" lengths. Clear heartwood; 100% edge grain; no defects.

Recommended Uses
On exterior and interior walls, roofs of 4:12 slope and steeper, wherever a decorative elegance is desired.

Roof Exposure

Wall Exposure
7½" for exteriors, 10" for interiors

Shown below are nine of the most popular designs. They can be combined to make an unlimited number of patterns. Fancy-Butt shingles can be custom produced to individual orders.

These Fancy-Butt red cedar shingles are manufactured in accordance with standards established by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau.

This is only a product description necessary for selection of materials and grades. For a new roof construction manual and/or wall manual please contact: info@cedarbureau.com.

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